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Paint correction services from Scott's Mobile Detailing provide you with a professional finish for your car. Using cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques, we can restore your vehicle's paint to showroom quality.


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Paint correction is the process of leveling (removing) defects in the surface of the paint. This can include a variety of issues and causes like water spots, paint overspray, scratches, wipe-down marks, bird-dropping surface stains, oxidation, and buffer holograms. This process can involve a significant amount of time. We have spent over 10 hours on one vehicle, but, 2-4 hours is typical of most vehicles. It involves using specialty polishing machines in different sizes, many different levels of diminishing abrasives, different compounding/polishing pads, and sometimes sandpaper. Our process is different on every paint correction job. They can vary in hardness, thickness, and depth of imperfections. Every vehicle requires a different process or combination of machines based on the curves of the panels.

Our comprehensive process includes single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage corrections of the surface of your paint. First, we thoroughly wash and decontaminate the paint, followed by a deep-cleaning process, that removes scratches, swirls, and marring. We then use a specialized machine polisher to restore clarity and gloss to the paint. We can also repair oxidation and faded paint and provide a protective coat of wax or sealant to keep your vehicle looking its best. Our experts can also provide advice on the best products to use for the maintenance of your vehicle's paint. With Scott's Mobile Detailing, you can trust that your car will look immaculate after our paint correction services.

3 Step Paint Correction

Paint correction

  • Removes Small Scratches
  • Swirl Marks
  • Restores Paint Shine
  • Compound the scratches
  • Polish the paint
  • Glazing for more shine
  • And finally waxing

Cars start at $375

Smaller SUV at $400

4 Door Trucks and 3rd row SUV $425

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locally owned and family operated

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